The rate of some iPhone X in the networks of the 4th generation may be more than that of others, specialists located the study firm SpeedSmart. The distinction in performance results from the features of LTE-chips, which Apple complements well-known smartphones.

Throughout the examination, the maximum speed of the iPhone X with the chip from Intel in AT&T was 30.31 Mbit/ s, while Qualcomm chip reached a 27.47 Mbps. When using T-Mobile's one, the void was a lot more concrete: 33.32 Mbps - Intel, 26.54 Mbps - Qualcomm.

Distinctions in LTE regularity bands in various countries force Apple to use chips from different distributors in the production of iPhone. For copies predestined offer for sale in Russia for exemple, Intel chips are made use of, whereas for American designs - Qualcomm.

The packing of iPhone with various LTE-chips likewise leads to problems when fixing American designs in Russia and the other way around. 

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Mohcine Ariani

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