With the iPhone X currently in the hands of Apple consumers worldwide, Apple today posted a brand-new iPhone X Guided Tour video clip to its YouTube channel, which is designed to supply an introduction of all the brand-new features in the iPhone X.

The 4 min video clip covers a wide variety of topics, including Face ID, Animoji, Apple Pay, and the checklist of new motions that are had to browse with the iOS 11 interface on the new device.

Apple has actually used Guided Tours in order to help individuals get used to brand-new gadgets for many years. When the iPad introduced in 2010, Apple debuted a number of iPad Guided Tours, and Guided Tours were also utilized to walk customers through the brand-new attributes available on the Apple Watch when it released in 2015. There were even Guided Tours for the original apple iphone in 2007.

Led Tours for the iPhone have not been utilized for numerous years now, yet because the iPhone X is such an extreme departure from previous apple's iPhone. The user interface is completely different because there's no Home switch, as well as Face ID is likewise a change for those utilized to Touch ID.


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