If you are a fooser and you are dying to find a good iOS application for your Smartphone, I have good news for you! Not only there is a game app about the foosball, but there is also a really cool gadget that will make your gaming experience incredible! People in New Potato technologies have developed a gadget that can turn your iPad into a foosball table.
First, let's explain a little bit what will you get when you buy a foosball table for your iPad. The table is actually pretty cool, it has the stand for an iPad, 4 legs, 8 rods, separated on two sides (4+4) scoring beans and USB port. To assemble the table you have to fix the legs on the iPad stand's bottom and on the sides you have to screw the rods.
Keep in mind that this foosball stand fits to particular iPad models. In te beginning those models were only iPad 1,2 and 3, but today they have developed another foosball table for iPads which is compatible to the iPad 3 and 4, but also to the iPad Air and Air 2.  Also, since it is a gadget you have to connect to one device (in this case the iPad) you can't use it with some third person application. It has to be with the foosball application made by the New Potato Technologies and it is called the Classic Match Foosball. The application has to be compatible with the stand so you can use them both without bugs and glitches.

Stand and application work perfectly together. The rods are extremely sensitive so it won't happen that you spin the rod on the stand and not on the iPad. It is really good game because it reacts instantly so you will get the impression like you are playing the real foosball and not some iPad game.
Even though the game and the stand are pretty impressive, there are some things that has been bothering people. For example, when you start the game you will notice that the rods on the iPad and the rods on the stand aren't connected. It will look like the rods on the iPad are moved to the left and rods on the stand are moved to the right. It is not a big problem but it can bother people. Also, since it is a software, developers can improve that with an update so it is not such a big deal.
This game is designed for playing and playing but, there is only that much battery on the iPad. Luckly, people in New Potato Technologies have thought about it too. They have put one USB port on the stand and with it you can charge your iPad while playing foosball. That means, you can play it all day long without thinking about the battery.

That gadget is a must have item for every fooser, so if your friend is a fooser and you have no idea how to surprise him, get him this foosball table for his iPad.

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Mohcine Ariani

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