The Unique Device Identifier is a 40-character alphanumeric that works as a device-identifying system. It's an ID that uniquely recognizes your iPhone. If you're not a developer  working on iOS apps; than you're more than likely not going to need it ever.But in some cases, You will need to have your iPhone UDID, specifically when are using iCloud removal services.

So today, we are going to reveal you how to get your device UDID by the most convenient method. Let's get started for Mac user.

First step is to plug in your device.

Second step > Go to your Mac Finder > About This Mac

Step Three > Click on System Report

Step Four > Scroll down till you locate USB

Now Select iPhone From list of USB connected devices as bellow  

Congrats , your iPhone UDID is right in front of your eyes and you can highlight it and copy it easily. 

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