Websites keep a eye on your interest in order to reveal related contents or ads that you may want to check out. As a result, you have the ability to quickly access the important things you choose. But what in case you don't want to be tracked and would like to protect to your personal privacy? 

There is a simple trick that allows you to avoid sites from keeping a track on your activities while using Safari on your iPhone and iPad running iOS 11.

The current iOS version has added a new privacy and security feature in Safari that allows you to stop sites from watching on your activities. It's the easiest way to offer an additional shield to your personal information. Let me show you how it works!

How to Stop Sites from Tracking You in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Action # 1. Launch Settings app on your iOS gadget.

Action # 2. Next, you have to scroll down and tap on Safari.

Step # 3. Scroll down once again and turn on the switch next to Ask Websites Not To Track Me.

From now on,  websites can't and will not track you.

if perhaps you change your mind and desire to re-enable sites tracking, just follow the actions mentioned above and shut off the Ask Site Not To Track Me.

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