If you're switching from previous iPhone to a brand-new 7 or 7 Plus, you might be worrying about your Apple Watch synced data; including health and app info.In that case, You can either restore it from a backup or - in case you don't care about old data - setting it up as a new Apple Watch. 

How to switch your Apple Watch backup from your old iPhone to new iPhone

Pairing your Apple Watch from your old iPhone to a brand-new iPhone without a backup. 

If you don't care about  your old Apple Watch data and you want to set up your brand-new iPhone ; here's how to proceed.

Reset your watch to factory settings by going to

 Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content on your Apple Watch.

As soon as the Apple Watch restarts to the language screen, choose your language.

Open the Apple Watch app on the brand-new iPhone and start the pairing procedure.

When paired, tap Set Up as New Apple Watch.

Pick either left or right so Apple Watch understands what wrist you're using it on.

Tap Agree on the iTunes arrangement.

Visit to your Apple ID when triggered.

Tap Ok after checking out the details on Location Services.

Tap Ok after checking out the info on Siri.

Tap Ok after checking out the info on Diagnostics.

Select a passcode for your Apple Watch.

You can likewise pick a long passcode for more security if you choose. You'll have to get in the passcode on your Apple Watch, not your iPhone.

Pick whether you would like your iPhone to open your Apple Watch too.

Pick whether you wish to immediately set up all offered apps.

If you select no, you can manually set up whatever app you 'd like later on with the Apple Watch app.

Let your Apple Watch surface syncing. When it's done, you'll ready to go!

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