If there's something that smartphone users have in common, it's the perpetual battle with a low battery. There's absolutely nothing more discouraging than having your device pass away mid-text, mid-song, mid-whatever-it-is-you're-doing, specifically if you're not near an outlet (travelers and outdoorsy types, we see you). 

However what if it was possible to energize your phone, GoPro, or speakers, merely by holding a ball, and producing clean electrical energy in the palm of your very own hand?

Go into HandEnergy: a Kickstarter-spawned, self-described "pocket electrical power generator" that you can take on the go. It looks like a ball, sure, but it houses a magnetic rotor that produces an electrical existing that, when you hold the ball and turn your wrist to produce motion, charges its own integrated batteries. That present is sent through a USB cord connected to your dead gadget-- smart devices, GoPros, tablets, clever watches, speakers, e-readers, and more-- and charges it. Science is cool, best?

The hand movement you need to make to obtain the energy flowing might make you look, well, a little crazy. But aside from your fleeting self-consciousness, the device will just cost you $79 (+shipping)-- a little rate to pay for all the off-the-grid experiences you could potentially have actually while staying connected to the real world. If you're into it, you can pre-order the HandEnergy here.

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Mohcine Ariani

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