A few Samsung's newly-released Galaxy S8 handsets have been revealing a noticeable reddish tint on their screens. While the firm at first stated that the problem was quickly repaired with a manual calibration, but now, they present an upgrade to repair the issue directly, as more users start complaining about increasing the color range of their new Android devices.

Samsung's flagship smart device is getting some great evaluations, so it behooves the Korean-based business to make these repairs as rapidly as possible. After the shame of the Note 7, Samsung most likely wants to squash any prospective trouble with its brand-new phone as quickly as possible.

Naturally, the business downplayed the problem in a statement to the Korean Herald, stating, "We will update the software because of some dissatisfied customers although there is no problem in the phone itself."

In addition to repairing the red tint issue, the upgrade will likewise expand the color variety of its screens through software so you can set any red tint even lower. Samsung prepares to roll out the update next week, though you can still enter into the settings and manually adjust. We've connected to Samsung and will upgrade this post with any brand-new information.

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