Apple's plans for Touch ID in the upcoming and oft-rumored iPhone 8 appear to be in flux, with the company presumably working to one objective, but maybe being forced to go another path.

The longstanding expectation is that Apple is working on integrating Touch ID into the OLED display screen, so that it's still present on the front of the iPhone-- where iPhone users are accustomed to it. Nevertheless, there are growing reports, numerous based upon expert notes, that production concerns might trigger Apple to either postpone the launch of the iPhone 8, move Touch ID to the back of the phone, or, many brash of all, eliminate Touch ID completely.

And now there's a brand-new set of makings (created by bro.king and released to Instagram), which is stated to be based off schematics for the upcoming iPhone 8. There's nothing brand-new here in the grand scheme of things, at least not when compared to what we have actually seen in the past. Especially just recently. The rendering shows us a thin handset, the Apple logo on the back, and a rear-mounted Touch ID sensor below that. Among the key distinctions from this rendered schematic versus the most current report is this one has a cutout for the volume rockers, at least.

Another information in this rendering that's being kept over from previous leaks is the vertical double camera design. This style is stated to exist because Apple has huge plans that incorporate virtual and increased reality.

So, it's more often we will see Touch ID on the back of the iPhone, do you think you could get used to this concept? Even comfortable with it? Or do you believe Apple should ditch the feature if it can't incorporate it into the front of the phone? Let us know your point of view in the comment section below. 

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