A bunch of users are unable to resign Yalu jailbreak with Cydia Extender.And to be honest ; Yes the tool is a bit complicated and not as simple as it may appear . Here's the best ways to do it in a couple of steps.

Thanks to Saurik and Voldemort, we can now sign Yalu jailbreak and IPAs straight from our device.For those who do not know, this tool renews certificates of installed apps on-device.

Before we start, keep in mind that : 

  • The 7 day certificate finalizing limitation still exists.
  • You need to have Extender and installed OTA patch installed in advance.
  • This tool works if and just if Yalu jailbreak's certificate has ended.
  • It will not work if has been removed.
  • If you wish to erase Yalu first and do this afresh, begin Cydia Impactor on your computer. Select XCode > Revoke Certificates.

  • A jailbroken device.
  • Cydia Extender.
  • Installed OTA patch.
  • Internet Connection.


Step 1 : Open up the following URL in Safari right on your device.

Step 2 :  Click on the Yalu IPA file. The file will now begin downloading.

Step 3 : Once it has been downloaded, select More and choose Cydia Extender. Now it will begin and prompt you to enter your Apple ID and Password.

Step 4 : Enter your e-mail and Password and select Apply. Simply wait on it to do its thing. Do not press or do anything at this moment.

Step 5 : It will now trigger you to install yalu102/mach _ website by showing this message--" [IP ADDRESS] wishes to set up yalu102/mach _ portal".

Step 6 : Select install. Your jailbreak's certificate will now be restored effectively.

Step 7 : As the 7 day limitation still exists, you will need to restore its certificate once again. When it gets expired, browse to Settings > General > Profiles and Device management.

Step 8 : Delete the profile belonging to Cydia Extender.

Step 9 : Open Cydia Extender once again and it will install another profile. Simply repeat the whole setup process again now.

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