The iPhone 7 Plus was launched in mid-September 2016 and the Galaxy S8 will be offered in stores on April 28; 7 months separate these 2 devices, and one states rationally that Samsung had to take advantage of all this time to drive the nail in front of iPhone "transition".

Once again, opening and resuming apps goes in favourite of the iPhone ... but slightly; On the other hand, some taks that are a bit heavier turn clearly to the advantage of the iPhone 7 Plus (4K video transfer for instance), which is not always a surprise considering that the efficiency of the Snapdragon 835 is a hair much better than those of the A10 multi-hearts ... but extremely brief in mono-heart; The S8 design with Exynos controls more extensively in the multi-core tests, however remains there once again in the mono. And all this without counting the architecture of iOS or even the optimization of gain access to memory really bore down the side of the iPhone (that Antech compares with the system setup on standard computers). In the end, the iPhone is still ahead ... and the iPhone 8 is currently on the horizon ...

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Mohcine Ariani

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