Ever wondering what are the best deals for iPhone 7? we picked up 6 accessories you may consider buying for your device.Here are some essential accessories to consider.

Apple Leather Case

It breaks my heart to put something as iconic as iPhone 7-- especially in the new blacks!-- in a case, but here's the offer: If you want that surface to last, you have to take care of it. Apple, obviously, has the advantage here. They have actually understood for a while precisely what iPhone 7 looks like, and so they're once again very first out the gate with high quality, high finish cases.

They feel different this year than last, fit the different-sized camera on the back of iPhone 7, and match the rest of Apple's fall color lineup. They're not ultra-protective, and they're not ultra-slim. They're inexpensive luxury, with microfiber lining and abundant, soft-tanned European leather.

And you can get it in sea blue, storm gray, tan, saddle brown, midnight blue, black, and (Product) red.

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Vena Harmony Case

For an outstanding fusion-style case, have a look at Vena's Harmony. This is one of  my preferred case for the iPhone 7, given that it sturdily secures the phone with it's TPU bumper and hard polycarbonate back, while leaving half of the back transparent so that you can still admire the charm of your iPhone.

The case is a two-piece, it never ever feels like it, and it's even somewhat tough to separate the 2 pieces, which I truly like. The TPU part of the back is ribbed to provide the case some texture so that you don't drop it, and though the buttons are covered, the tactile action through the TPU is ideal.

These cases come in 5 great colors, which the jet black even having a gloss surface on the polycarbonate edging to match your jet black iPhone 7. If you're just searching for a routine case that does the job and is very budget-friendly (like $12), then get the Harmony.

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Bose QuietComfort 35 cordless headphones

iPhone 7 has decided to get rid of the headphone jack-- sure you heard of it ? which is one of the factors I encourage you to have a pair of Bose Q35. You will certainly be blown away by the sound quality.

The Q35 operate using Bluetooth, strap them on, and Bose's unbelievable noise-cancelling technology takes over. No coffee store din, No airplane engines, No shouting in the park,  all go away. Well, for as much as 20 hours per charge, at least.

You can get them in black and silver to match your black or metallic iPhone.

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Apple Lightning Dock

If you need a dock that can both charge your iPhone 7 and let you access a 3.5 mm headphones at the same time, Apple has you covered. You can keep it at your desk or beside your bed, and after that charge and listen as much as you want. It might be a nice-to-have for watching video, however it's an essential for individuals with low or no vision.

The dock is available in silver, gold, rose gold, and-- of course-- all new black!

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Apple Watch Series 2

See, iPhone is the starship and Apple Watch is the shuttle bus craft. No, wait. iPhone is the ideal cross and Apple Watch is the jab. No, seriously, I can nail this! Sigh. Fine. Here's the deal:

As fantastic as iPhone is, it's constantly a reach a method. Your wrist is right there. That means, with Apple Watch, you can opt for an exercise or use Apple Pay without carrying your phone with you, see notifications without reaching for your pocket or bag, control your accessories from throughout the space, and the list goes on.

Series 2 even has GPS, a somewhat bigger battery, and swim-proofing so you can take your workouts into the water.

Readily available in gold aluminum, rose gold aluminum, silver aluminum, area gray aluminum, and ceramic while.

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We hope you found something interesting in these accessories , and please let us know what are your must have accessories so we can add it to the list. 

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