New discoveries have actually been made by WikiLeaks about the CIA and the espionage of smartphones, tablets, computer systems and more. In the lot, there are Macs and iPhone that are concerned.

The CIA has a job under the name "Sonic Screwdriver" that sets up on Macs. It is essential to have physical access to Macbook, the installation can not be done through a malware downloaded from the Web for example. At the moment the Mac switches on, the CIA can plug a USB or its dedicated tool to contaminate the computer system. The infection is done directly at the firmware level of the device and not at the level of the operating system. Therefore, a complete reinstallation of the operating system will not alter anything, the Mac will still be contaminated. In addition, the CIA system also deals with Macs with a password.

On the iPhone side, numerous vulnerabilities have actually currently been revealed a couple of weeks back. Apple had assured users by revealing to the public the details of flows patched. Today, WikiLeaks unveils another component of the CIA to spy on the iPhone. However, its setup is a bit complex: the tool needs to be installed physically at the time of the assembly line. Its existence dates back to 2008 and it could be that the CIA spies on some iPhone without the users and Apple understand.

The discoveries of the day are grouped on this page, WikiLeaks calls it "Dark Matter".

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