Before this year is through, we're likely to see a bunch of releases of brand-new smartphones featuring incredibly thin screen bezels, such as LG's G6 that was simply revealed at Mobile World Congress last month. Or Samsung's Galaxy S8. Or, as report has it, the special iPhone anniversary edition  that we're all anticipating to blow us away.

I'm a real fan of the synergy that's on display screen in these concept images. Increased reality has actually constantly been rather a cumbersome thing, with app designers having a hard time to determine how to both show the helpful information and keep the visuals uncluttered (i.e. the augmentations would frequently get in the way of the truth), but when you have a boundless screen, there's a lot of space to set user interface elements out of the way.

This being a principle, it does take some liberties with the physical restrictions of our somber real world. The screen, for beginners, has no bottom bezel whatsoever, which looks futuristic, however would be a headache to handle and is most likely unwise in engineering terms anyhow. Then there's the issue of battery life, which would quickly drain away if you invest all your time with the video camera on and filling a considerably bigger display screen than previous iPhone generations. And the concept of obtaining individual's heart rate, body temperature, and breaths per minute with a fast scan of your camera is just fanciful. 

If anything, looking at this implementation and thinking of the important things standing in its way makes me think that Apple's first foray into AR would most likely begin the iPad rather than the iPhone. But still, the remarkable aspect of checking out such concept images what provide inspiration about the future of mobile phones as a whole.

All images thanks to Gabor Balogh.

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