Apple has got a complete patent in the case of iPhone 6 design theft case against the China's Shenzhen Baili company that previously accused it of taking one of its smart device design, where the court has actually issued its decision in Beijing.

According to China's Shenzhen Baili, the iPhone 6 comes with a curved screen and a semi-circular edge, the exact same concept used in its device, called 100C. However, the court stated its final decision, after placing the two devices next to each other; they can distribute them quite easily.

Apple is presently facing a series of lawsuit, including one versus Nokia, which has actually accused Apple of stealing some technics used in iPhone, Macbooks, iPad, and Apple TV as well.

The Court of Appeal in the United States chose to open Apple and Samsung case once again, the case that has earned Apple against the South Korean company where Samsung is implicated in theft of iPhone design.

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Mohcine Ariani

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