Windows vs Mac is almost the oldest battle in computer system fanboy history. Right-click sheeple against computer systems that just hardly work is a flame war for ages. In the history of the rivalry, it's always been accepted that Windows will be sole on more devices. Quality vs quantity is a specifying feature of the dispute.

However beginning in 2017, it appears like things may alter as Apple steals one of Windows's crucial statistics.

Inning accordance with analysts at Gartner, sales of Apple devices (that's iOS and macOS, not simply MacBooks) will beats the Windows sales for the first time this year. Windows has actually held a reducing lead for many years, however 2017 seems the year the tide finally turns.

Gartner is predecting that Apple is gonna sell 268 million iOS and macOS devices this year, an increase of 8% compared with 2016 statistics. That's a huge dive, however if you consider that Apple simply launched the long-awaited MacBook Pro update, and is set to launch a huge iPhone update this year, that's not impractical.

Windows, on the other hand, is about to continue its sluggish death to obscurity with another 3% reduction. I'm prepared to believe that the raft of great brand-new laptops announced at CES will help some way stopping the bleeding, but it most likely still will not be a bumper year for Microsoft.

One thing that appears to be overlooked of the report is the damage that Chromebooks may cause. They've gone from being a niche curiosity to actually eclipsing MacBook sales, and with some capable machines around the $500 rate point, I could see Windows and Mac both struggling with an increase of Google this year.

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