Luca Todesco frequently talks about him. The 19-year-old Italian hacker that managed to jailbreak several versions of iOS and was the very first to jailbreak the iPhone 7, it took him just 24 Hr to get there. Just recently, he released a jailbreak of iOS 10 as much as iOS 10.1.1 (in beta). It gets a great deal of messages since the output and all this starts to interrupt it.

On his Twitter account, he released the following message "I will stop any public search for iOS after releasing the technique for iOS 10.2. The idiocy of the jailbreak community is too tough to handle for me." We can for that reason understand that he will continue to work on his side and eventually share his findings with other hackers. However, he will not communicate anything with the general public, regarding his discovers or jailbreak tools.

By checking out the messages sent on Twitter, we can see Internet users who duplicate themselves unceasingly. Everyone asks him about the released date of the jailbreak, devices that will be supported or show their rage concerning the jailbreak beta instabilities. And all that in a daily basis.

The jailbreak for iOS 10-10.1.1 is still in beta since December. support for iOS 10.2 will be coming soon, however Luca Todesco did not provide a date yet.

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