Apple's iOS 9 is once more in headlines for not-so-good reason. Ever before since its release, the latest iOS has created numerous problems for iDevice owners.

Users have indeed encountered several problems soon after installing iOS 9; many complained that AirDrop is not working; many felt sorry that hackers are able to bypass passcode; iMessage not working was also a serious problem; others were tangled into fixing iOS 9 Update Stuck At "Slide to Upgrade" Screen; and slow performance of iOS 9 irritated nearly most users.

This time, people are encountering Wi-Fi troubles on their iPhones, iPads and iPods touch. There isn't any official solution from Apple team, we have explored a few possible solutions to this new issue.

How to Repair iOS 9 WiFi issues on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

# 1. Restart iPhone, iPad & Modem and Router

We know that this must have come to your thoughts first, however many users are new to Apple's eco-system and therefore, this procedure might just slip their minds. Users can also go for rebooting modem and router with which their iDevices are connected. This appears quite ridiculous solution yet it serves sometimes.

# 2. Forget Wi-Fi Network

Next is "Forget Wi-Fi Network" option to fix the issue. Follow some easy actions to perform this action:

Step # 1. Open Settings application on your iDevice → Tap on Wi-Fi option.

Step # 2. Tap on the name of network or on you are running.

Step # 3. Tap on "Forget This Network".

A message will prompt: Forget Wi-Fi Network "Network Name"?

Step # 4. Tap on Forget.

To rejoin this network, you will have to enter the password once again. Right after entering the password, check out whether or not this issue has been fixed or not.

# 3. Reset Network Settings

In case the second option fails to resolve the problem, go for this one. Reset the entire network settings on your iPhone or iPad. But hang on! Before you go ahead, note that after performing this action you will lose your current cell and Wi-Fi connection settings, Wi-Fi passwords and VPN sets up.

Step # 1. Launch Settings app on your iDevice → Tap on General.

Step # 2. Scroll down and tap on Reset → Now tap on the 3rd option of Reset Network Settings.

This should probably fix the issue of Wi-Fi on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

# 4. Toggling Wi-Fi Assist ON/OFF

Wi-Fi Assist is a new feature in iOS 9; this specific feature really helps you transfer to your cellular data each time your iDevice encounters weak or poor Wi-Fi network. You can toggle this feature OFF AND ON to come out this specific issue.

Step # 1. Tap on Settings → Tap on Cellular (In some iPhones/iPads, this feature is mentioned as Mobile Data).

Step # 2. Scroll down to bottom, where you can see "Wi-Fi Assist" option → Toggle "Wi-Fi Assist" ON and OFF 2-3 times.

Please let us know what solution work best for resolving your Wifi issue. 

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