Are you bothered about losing your AirPods? If yes, it's time to let go of that worry.

Meet "Finder for AirPods" app , an awesome app that will let you find your lost or misplaced AirPods using your paired iPhone easily. Rather than paying $70 to Apple care to replace an AirPod, it's better to use this smart app to avoid losing sight of your precious earphones. Let's check out how it works!

How to Find Lost AirPods Using iPhone

Note: Make sure to use the iPhone or iPad which has been paired with the AirPod.

Step # 1. Download Finder for AirPods application from App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 10.1 or later. It's available for $3.99.

Step # 2. Launch the app on your iOS device.

Step # 3. And now, you have the possibility to select which AirPod you need to find. Select the AirPod and tap on Next.

( Note: In case you wish to track down both AirPods, tap on Next and then close the lid of the charging case.).

Step # 4. Next, you need to put the left AirPod in the charging case and shut the lid. At that point, tap on Get It, Start Finding.

Step # 5. Next, you should move in the direction of the area precisely where you assume you have dropped the AirPods.

Now, in case you become nearer to the lost earphone, the app's meter will let you know that "You are becoming closer ..." And, if you get quite close to the lost earphone, it will inform you "It's around here.".

Step # 6. Once you have really found the AirPod, tap on I Found It.

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