In case you are facing iTunes error 9006 while updating or restoring your iDevice ; check out The best way to Fix iTunes Error 9006 While Updating/Restoring iPhone or iPad.

iTunes error 9006 might turn up due to more than one factor; such as lack of proper internet connection, defective USB port and so on. You can easily overcome this issue with a few tested tips. Let me take you through them ...

How to Fix iTunes Error 9006 When Updating/Restoring iPhone and iPad.

Before you proceed please make sure : 

  • Your Mac or Windows PC need to be up to date.
  • Make sure that you have the current version of iTunes installed on your computer.
  • You need have the proper internet connection to bring back or update your device.

Solution # 1: Reboot Your Computer and iPhone, Temporarily Disable Firewalls And Anti-Virus Applications.

Action # 1. shut-down iTunes.

Step # 2. Turn off your firewall and anti-virus applications.

Step # 3. Next, reboot your computer.

Action # 4. Restart your iPhone as well.

Action # 5. Now, reconnect your iOS device to your computer. Try switching to a different USB port on your computer.

Step # 6. Now, attempt to update/restore your device once again.

Option # 2: Update Your Device Using IPSW File.

If the very first solution didn't work, try restoring your device using an IPSW file, which permits you to switch between iOS versions easily.

( If you have utilized IPSW file before, make sure to delete  it from your computer system before going ahead with the procedure.).

Step # 1. Download the IPSW file on your computer system for your particular iOS device.

Action # 2. connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.

Open iTunes on your computer system and select your iPhone from the leading left the menu.

Action # 3. On your Mac: you have to hold the OPTION and Command Key then click the "Restore" button.

On your Windows: you have to SHIFT and then click the "Restore" button.

Action # 4. Now, select IPSW file which you have downloaded.

If you still cannot upgrade your device, attempt using a various Wi-Fi network and computer.

That's done! hope those tips were able to fix the itunes 9006 error and you have successfully update or restore your device. Otherwise, let us know below in the comment so we can help you. 

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