Can't Pair your AirPods with your iPhone? here are some tips that may help you repair the problem.Please make sure your iPhone is running iOS 10.2 or later and of course earphones are certainly well charged.

In order to recharge your AirPods, simply put them back inside the charging case.The case is equipped with an in-built battery which provides up to 24 hours of listening time.

To charge the case, you have to connect it to the Lightning cable which came with it and plug that into a USB slot.Only 15 minutes of charge are going to supply about three hours of music time for your AirPods.

Step # 1. Place the earphones in the case. Then, you need to close the lid of the earphones case and wait 15 seconds.

Step # 2. And now, open the lid. The status light will most likely flash white. Then, try to set up your earphones.

Step # 3. Just in case, the status light does not flash white, you will have to press and maintain the setup button located on the backside of the case until you see the status light flash white.

Step # 4. If you are still not able to set up your AirPods, press and hold the setup button for approximately 15 seconds again until the status light flash amber a few times and then flash white.

That's it! With any luck, you are able to pair your earphones with your iOS device.

Certainly there are interesting ways through which you can even customize your AirPods as per your need. Better still, you can pair the headphones with your Windows, Android, and other Bluetooth devices as well.

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