This genius iPhone 7 case would offer you back the earphone jack that Apple eliminated.

Apple might have killed the earphone jack in the iPhone 7, however a new, streamlined case is attempting to bring it back.

"What people take into their own ear holes is a very personal choice, and it's an option we should all get the opportunity to make-- not one that need to be made for us," Diego Prince, a hardware developer from Austin, Texas, said in a video revealing the cases, which would be produced iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Prince and his cofounder Troy Osinoff just launched an Indiegogo project, stating they prepare to ship in December if the project reaches its objective. "Early Bird" backers can reserve one case for $49 plus shipping.

According to the project website, the Fuze takes the adapter dongle that Apple included with the iPhone 7 and builds it straight into the case, bring back the 3.5 mm earphone jack. It likewise has an extended battery pack and, as the majority of cases should, secures the phone from damage if it's dropped.

The battery pack would supply about extra eight hours of power, inning accordance with Prince.

The idea for the case is already getting lots of favorable feedback on Product Hunt, a site often visited by techies trying to find the most recent devices and software.

Prince is aiming to raise $60 in the next month for Fuze, which he states will be invested on prototyping, screening, and shipping, with the objective of offering it on markets as soon as possible.

Still, it's a fascinating principle that annoyed Apple fans may support.

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