It's crystal clear  that we are fans of Apple gadgets and the devices that make them look great. From decals to stickers, from stands to cases.Thats why we decided to show you some really good stuff for the MacBook.

The MacBook MagSafe is made in such a good way that it's easily detachable. Nevertheless, this likewise implies that when it's utilized in bed or on other uneven surface areas, it'll come off way too easily. 

But Apple has decided to change the game ; they get rid of this feature in late Macbook Pro's models. In case you want to regain that feature you will absolutely love this accessory called Snapnator.

Snapnator combine great design with handful of uses ; as it can be used for all kind of devices , from Macbooks , iPhones , to Android phones. 

The Line Dock

An Indiegogo project that mostly appears like someone took an old MacBook Pro and swindled the screen. It uses three USB ports, HDMI, MiniDisplay Port, and naturally, a USB-C port to link it to your MacBook or MacBook Pro. (A Micro-B USB port is also included to link the Line Dock to a non-USB-C laptop computer.) Still inadequate ports? When you're not using your laptop, the dock likewise can charge a couple of phones with its four Qi charging pads.

The rest of the area is filled with a 20,000 mAh battery (enough for roughly 1.5 full laptop computer charges) that the business claims to be just as quick as a wall charger. It's likewise readily available with an optional internal SSD for extra storage in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities.

SPUD is a high resolution 24-inch screen that collapses & broadens like an umbrella. Quickly link devices for videos or work anywhere!

The 24-inch display is the size of a big desk display, with practically 4x more screen location than a 13-inch laptop computer screen, and 23x more screen location than a 5.1-inch smart device! The screen is likewise highly long lasting. Unlike breakable glass screens, SPUD utilizes a versatile polymer that cannot get split or cracked. If you take place to get it unclean, it's washable. Further, the attached housing keeps your SPUD protected as you take it any place life takes you.

The SPUD projector can connect any device under any circumstances with ease. 

Hope you enjoy our selection for Macbook accessories, and stay tuned for more. Let us know what accessory you would like to have and share with us your own experience. 

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