As the official launch of iPhone 7/7 Plus approach, the ecstasy to know more about the next-gen flagship mobile phone appears to have reached the seventh sky. After all, every new iPhone launch has produced a massive buzz not simply among Apple fans , but also in the whole tech industry.

Bearing in mind your desire to get the ultra-large 5.5-inch iPhone, You must certainly need a good " gard-angel" to protect it, this is why we have prepared this special line-up of the finest screen protectors for iPhone 7 Plus. 

Let's have a glance at them!

Best iPhone 7 Plus Tempered-Glass Screen Protectors

# 1. iLLumiShield

iLLumiShield iPhone 7 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Possessing the top-notch tempered-glass, iLLumiShield screen protector is second to none when it concerns quality. The hd clarity enhances user-experience.

The oleophobic finishing keeps away finger prints and grime. This protector features the 9H firmness that guards the screen from any scratch. The "Move Touch" innovation makes the screen extremely responsive to the touch.

Rate: $8.95 on Amazon

# 2. OMOTON 

OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus

Constructed with the finest tempered-glass, OMOTON screen protector can quickly be an excellent choice. The protector has 9H firmness that safeguards against shock or abrasion.

Hydrophobic, oleophobic screen coating keeps off sweat and oil residue from finger prints; permitting high-sensitivity touch action. The bubble-free adhesive lets you set up the screen protector with ease.

Rate: $7.99 on Amazon

# 3. Ionic Pro 

Ionic Tempered Glass for iPhone 7 Plus

In regards to high effect absorbent, Ionic Pro screen protector is among the best in the business. Being somewhat thicker (0.5 mm) than the standard protectors, it exceedingly shatters proof.

With the polished surface, this screen protector keeps the edges smooth. The much-required 9H firmness does the job of avoiding the screen from abrasion with aplomb.

# 4. G-Color

G-Color iPhone 7 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Made with the premium tempered-glass, G-Color screen protector has the defining quality. The remarkably strong 9H firmness is robust enough to guard scratch by knife or secrets.

The high definition clarity makes using your iPhone a joy. Being incredibly resistant to finger print and oil residue, it is highly responsive to the touch. As it's bubble-free, you can easily set up G-Color on your device.

Price: $7.99 on Amazon at the time of composing this.

# 5. IQ Shield 

IQ Shield iPhone 7 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Thanks to the LIQuidSkin adhesive, it's pretty simple to set up IQ Shield screen protector. Being very shock absorbent, this protector never lets your screen down.

The high openness enables you to use your iPhone comfortably. IQ Shield is surprisingly responsive to the touch.

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