Apple might ditch Bluetooth and rely on a brand-new, homemade wireless technology for the earphones in the forthcoming iPhone.

That's according to a new report by KGI Securities expert Ming-Chi Kuo, who has an excellent track record of properly anticipating changes to Apple products. AppleInsider acquired the report.

In his note, Kuo states Apple will utilize a low-power "Bluetooth-like interaction chip" for its wireless earphones, suggesting that the business will not use the basic Bluetooth innovation.

He adds that Apple has "higher requirements for power-saving, communication specs and possible fast development," which recommends that the existing Bluetooth requirement isn't really approximately Apple's standards. The new wireless technology will be "own-designed," according to Kuo.

A file leaked in July suggests that Apple's wireless earphones will be called "AirPods.".

It does not appear that Apple will include its AirPod wireless earphones with the iPhone 7. Instead, Apple will package a set of Lightning EarPods that connect to the iPhone 7's Lightning port, which is anticipated to change the basic earphone jack. For those wanting to cling to their wired headphones, Apple is stated to consist of a 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter.

Apple's wireless earphones obviously will be targeted for the premium market, and wireless Beats-branded headphones will be created for the mid-range market.

It's still uncertain just how much Apple would charge for its AirPods, but it currently provides a "premium" pair of wired EarPods for $79 versus the basic set that costs $29, which could offer some concept of exactly what Apple's premium AirPods would cost.

I'm a fan of wireless Bluetooth headphones, as it implies a tangle-free experience that frees me from the tether in between my phone and my head.

At the same time, Bluetooth isn't an ideal option for cordless music. Combining Bluetooth gadgets is still a complicated affair, and many question the sound quality of the Bluetooth requirement-- you typically need to pay the huge bucks for an excellent set of cordless Bluetooth headphones that can take on wired designs in terms of sound quality. A high-end pair of Bluetooth earphones normally costs $200 or more.

We'll have to wait and see what Apple announces during tomorrow's iPhone event, as reports and speculation do not always equate to fact.

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