One of the greatest surprise statements at Apple's last event on Wednesday was the intro of AirPods, Apple's absolutely wireless earphones.

AirPods actually do look lovely and futuristic, however among the very first questions we had about these cordless earphones had to do with theft.

What takes place if someone steals your AirPods? What if you're on the subway and someone snatches one or both out of your ears and escapes? Does Apple have a way of preventing this kind of theft?

The short answer, sadly, is no.

Apple states that if AirPods are lost or stolen, you'll need to purchase new ones, much like any other Apple product. There's no anti-theft procedures in place to secure your glossy cordless earbuds.

That said, if one of your 2 AirPods is lost or stolen, Apple states you'll be able to purchase simply one. (Apple didn't say what does it cost? it would cost to purchase simply one.).

So there you have it. Until Apple creates some kind of Touch ID for your ears, you'll have few security steps to guarantee your AirPods do not get lost or taken. So beware with them-- at $159, they're not cheap.

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