Back to the glory days of the jailbreak; where we use to jailbreak the iPhone or iPad directly from Safari, without using a computer as is the case today. Apple significantly enhanced its security over the years, so it is difficult to achieve such a feat nowadays. But a team of hackers succeeded.

Jailbreak ios 9 without Pc

JailbreakMe in 2011: a sweep to the right allowed to jailbreak their device

This team has managed to create a jailbreak for iOS 9.1 and iOS 9.2 beta that can be achieved directly from safari.

You will certainly ask the question: is this jailbreak will be born to the public? The answer is "maybe". Zerodium - one of the devs behind the exploits - did not specify this detail for now. After spending a million dollars, one suspects that Zerodium will do what is necessary to recoup the money one way or another.

Zerodium may await the release of iOS 9.2 in its final version to release the jailbreak. Again, nothing is said on the subject for now.


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