From the developers of the Polish studios 11 bit Studios , "This War of Mine" a game that gained immense popularity in the PC and its access to iOS platform has pleased many fans of such strategies.

So, the game events took place in Sarajevo back in the 90's, when the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina were under siege for almost four years.Their residents felt the full complexity of survival in the modern "concrete jungle".

The player will gain control over a group of characters - civilians caught in a rundown building with no food, water, medicines, weapons, etc. Each character has certain skills (run fast, can cook, can carry a lot of items, etc.), so gamers must correctly allocate tasks. As the game heroes will also have contact with the other inhabitants of the city - the looters, traders, and bandits.

One of the key components of This War of Mine gameplay is crafting. Initially, the characters have to manually disassemble the rubble in search of building materials, to sleep on bare concrete, suffer from hunger and lack of medicines.

I suggest giving the game a try and let us know your feedback using the comment section below. 

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Mohcine Ariani

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