Wearable technologies devices will certainly become part of our everyday life very soon, and I think it has an enormous potential for helping people to understand choices they make on their life styles, health and fitness.

Smart Watches has an important part on this new industry, as giant of electronics are already targeting the market such as Apple, Samsung, Asus, LG etc... 

Today we decided to make a quick comparison between the Apple watch and Asus Zenwatch in terms of design, hardware specifications, size & weight and bands choices.

Apple Watch vs Asus ZenWatch : Design, Size & Weight comparison

Apparently both watches have almost the same design, but the ZenWatch looks a bit bigger than the Apple watch.I don't know why Zenwatch shape looks a bit awkward! 

Anyway, let's move to the screen size; the Apple watch Sport edition  is 38.6 mm per 33.3 mm while the Zen watch is 51 mm per 39.9 mm.

The Apple Watch thickness is about 10.5 mm against 7.9 mm for the Zenwatch and actually the Apple watch is more heavier than the Asus one. 

Apple Watch vs Asus ZenWatch : Hardware specifications comparison 

The Apple watch has a S1 Processor, a Power VR graphics a built in memory storage of 8 GB and of course runs Apple Watch OS, The Asus Zenwatch has Snapdragon QuadCore running at 1.2 GHz , a 512 MB of RAM,only a 4 GB of memory storage and adopted Android OS.

Apple Watch vs Asus ZenWatch : Bands options 

Fortunately, both watches provide a lot of  strips options, for the Apple watch its recommended to buy a legit strip from the online store but third company bands can be your second option, for the Zenwatch  there is a decent choice for costumers as well on the Amazon stores

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