Minacris - one of the founders of Doulci bypass - is a genius developer from Ecuador and probably the only one who has breached the iCloud security mechanism so far. He has recently back to the scene offering free icloud bypass for ios 7 and below.

Minacris bypass for ios 7 consist of two main basics: you will need to add the following address ip to your host file:

First thing you need to do is to locate the host file

locate the C: partition ( system files partition )

Go to Windows





Right Click and choose to edit with Notepad or any text editor you have on your PC.

and connecting your device via iTunes to generate a request activation ticket.

When you connect your device to iTunes with a valid sim card , you will be able to locate the generated activation ticket within iTunes and a clickable bottom that said bypass this shit!

You will need to send him the generated activation ticket via Pastebin service and wait for him to generate a valid activation ticket and then you will be notified to click on bypass this shit !

N.B : A request activation ticket is generated each attempt to activation , so make sure you don't disconnect your device , nor close iTunes.

Again this bypass is only working on iPhone , iPad or iPod touch running ios 7.1.1 and below.

Make sure you follow Minacris official Twitter account @minacrisOficial and wait for his tweet regarding the iCloud bypass.

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