If you forget your Apple Watch password, tried over and over again but still not successful. Then you have no other options but to restore it and thus losing your available data and settings. Well the good news is there is a solution to restore your Apple Watch data .

It's really a good idea to make a backup copy of each of your data ,settings and even applications from time to time, whether its about iPhone, iPad or even Apple Watch to avoid losing any valuable data.

So in order to restore data from a backup copy to your Smart Watch,you will need to have a pre-saved one stored at your computer otherwise you won't be able to do so.

All you have to do is run the Apple application "Apple Watch" button on your iPhone and click on the "recovery from a backup" option "Restore from Backup", and then choose the backup you want to.

Restore Apple Watch Backup @iMore.com

Restore Apple Watch Backup @iMore.com

the restore process begins and will restore your data as it was at the time.

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