If you were following the jailbreak community for a while, then you may probably have heard of a bunch of devs whom were able to run Android OS on iPhone 2G/3G using a Dual Boot tool.

Surprisingly, this time a brilliant dude has managed to install Windows XP Pro on his iPad and demonstrate the experiment on the below Youtube video.

The video description point out the use of a utility named BOCHS to install Microsoft Windows on an iPad.What is really outstanding here is the ability to use touchscreen to navigate and swap between pages! 

Certainly we don't expect a fully functional operating system but the experience and the idea itself is something to be proud of as a fan of  Apple.

Hacking Jules; the video maker promised a release of a detailed tutorial on how to get windows XP on iPad. We will keep you updated with latest news, but until then please let us know if you are welling to try it?

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Mohcine Ariani

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