We hope you enjoyed our first selection of Top 5 Cydia tweaks, cause today we have dug down inside cydia to collect a bunch of useful tweaks. You gonna love our round 2 selection.

Top 5 Cydia Tweaks

Again, our chosen tweaks are presented randomly here.First tweak on the top 5 cydia tweaks is BioProtect. The more we use our Smartphones the less we are welling to lend it even to the dearest people to us! In order to prevent intruders into your private life, you can limit their access to certain apps; such as photo library, Social media or Instant messengers apps etc...

BioProtect tweak

Using BioProtect tweak you can now require a finger print authentication each time you open up an app.

Next on the list is Aeturnum tweak. Apple has blown our minds with the Apple watch OS and navigation interface, I bet you wanted to grab it to your iPhone springboard, didn't you? well that what the Aeturnum tweak will do for you. 

Aeturnum tweak

Just look how amazingly the springboard looks, and how many apps your eyes can reach with this tweak. You can navigate with ease through you iPhone apps, pinch to zoom in or out...

The 3rd tweak on the list is clex 2. If you hate switching to Music app to play your favorite music, then you gonna love this tweak. Using clex 2 you have no longer need to quite the current app just slide your finger from right to left to bring the tweak interface.

clex 2 tweak
The latter shows up a rounded thumbnail, along with track information and media controls. Sliding from left to right will bring up a search bar to locate your music tracks.

Number 4 on the list is called JellyLock 7. This tweak will bring an android flavor to your iPhone; this tweak replace the familiar "slide to unlock" feature on the lockscreen by opening up your device to a certain app of your choice. There is an interactive circle that follows your finger movements.

JellyLock 7 tweak
Last on our selective list is Pandora Skips. The name of the tweak tell its functionality as it allows you to skip limitless tracks using the free Pandora service.

Pandora Skips tweaks
For those who doesn't know what is Pandora? It is a streaming radio music, an alternative to Spotify, Google Music and iTunes radio.

That was the Top 5 cydia tweaks round 2.We hope you enjoy it and let us know what are your favorite cydia tweaks in the comment section below.

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