Apple Watch is finally available at local Apple Stores after over six months of suspense and expectation. the 24th of April is certainly a memorable day for Apple,as the first device introduced without Steve Jobs is making the buzz this days.

Back at September 2014, on the Apple Big event - World Wide developer conference - Tim Cook and his team presented the Apple Watch specifications,some of the great features, and ever since numerous packaging packs were rumored to be the Apple Watch official one until the actual unboxing videos were shared via YouTube. 

The Apple Watch packagings are really outstanding; each of the three watch came in a totally different packaging. The Sport model came in a huge box and the watch is well seated in a plastic box with rounded corners.

The medium range "Steal version" comes in a box quit similar to a jewelry one with a manual guide and the longest magnetic cable ever made by Apple!

The Apple Watch EDITION unboxing is simply indescribable! You just can't take your eyes off of it. Enjoy watching the Apple Watch unboxing videos right below.

Apple Watch unboxing : Sport Model

Apple Watch unboxing : Stainless Model

Apple Watch unboxing : Edition version

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