We often receive this question from our followers " is there anyway to activate an iPhone without a SIM Card?" Here is the ultimate answer to this question and sincerely don't believe otherwise.

You have to know that the iPhone activation process is required in the following cases; after each restore, when setting it up for the first time,or when you reset and erase the iPhone. 

A lot of YouTube videos claimed to activate iPhone without a SIM Card by calling 911 etc ; but what they actually did is they exploit a glitch in iOS and make their way to the springboard! 

Not a big deal,since reaching your iPhone springboard that way is only a waste of time, you will not be able to run apps, enjoy your iPhone, nor sync it with iTunes! 

Back in iOS 3, 4, 5 and maybe even 6; using jailbreak tools such as Blackr1in, Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze users were able to activate ( hacktivate ) their iPhone without the need of a SIM card.But the game has changed since iOS 7 when we start to see a required activated iPhone to proceed the jailbreak process.

When you connect your iPhone to a hot spot and attempt to activate it, an exchange of encrypted information is taken place and a need of an "original carrier SIM card" is a must have. 

But we have stumbled upon a so called uaSIM - Universal activation & test SIM card for iPhone.

What you should keep in mind is the process is more complicated than it appears; what actually happen behind the scene is a highly secured communication between the device and Apple's servers generally known as "Albert".

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