You can't really rely on the iPhone built-in speakers to deliver a great sound in a picnic trip or barbecue party. And therefore a need for a louder portable speaker is a must.We stumbled upon one of the best wireless speakers for iPhone - as well as other Smartphones with Bluetooth capabilities.Meet Denon Envaya mini.
Denon Envaya Mini Box
The wireless speaker is a compact Bluetooth model with high quality speakers, it is waterproof splash, a comfortable autonomy and operate using the most advanced codec apt Version X to provide optimum sound quality. And has a noise-canceling microphone for hands-free telephony

Denon Envaya speaker offers a  good design, with a very harmonious curves. Its body is made of plastic material of very good quality and the gate of the speaker protection is metal.This portable Bluetooth speaker is intended for all those who will never move without their playlist. 

Denon Envaya Controls buttons
All controls are located on the unit's side for easy access. In addition to the power button, there are two volume control buttons, one convex and one concave to distinguish more easily, as well as a Play / Pause button.

The speakers comes with a USB to micro USB cable, basically for charging purposes, a Quick start guide Manuel and a leather pocket.The latter will give you up to 10 hours of music for a charging time of two thirty.

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