We are exactly seven days away from the next, and the most expected presentation by Apple.The Cupertino company has already sent invitation tickets so it is confirmed to be on the 9th of March.

1# It is foreseen that Apple is going to provide the audience with prices, availability of the Apple Watch and demonstration of some applications.

2# Apple is most likely going to expend the Apple Pay service to cover more countries and deal with new banks.

3# iTune Music and a possible integration of Beats Music service.

4# Several leaks of a probable under development 12-inch MacBook were rumored for about a year but nothing is confirmed.

5# We have covered a rendered iPad Pro design that suggested wider screen of 13-inch ,and the use of stylus pen but they are still a speculation.

This is mostly everything we expect from Apple unless Tim Coock team decide to drop a surprise. Let us know what you are expecting the most.

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Mohcine Ariani

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