Having an iPhone case has become a necessity; for security and aesthetical matters.But choosing one that combine a great design, protect your phone and have an extra feature is really hard to find.

We have stumbled upon a great iPhone 6 case called Damda Slide Case made by Verus brand.The case comes inside a very simple  plastic packaging that is easy to open.

First thing to notice once you get your hands on the Damda Slide case, is the cut-off of the camera, volume button, and the bottom side allowing the lightning cable, speakers and the headset port.

The developers of the Damda Slide case tough about a unique inside pattern and a very calculated amount of air space to absorb shocks and minimize the drops impact.

After sliding the phone into the case, all of the side buttons are still reachable, and more importantly, they are still providing good feedback.

The extra great feature that we have mentioned earlier is an easy access to Two-cards storage within the case.Last but not least, users have a great choice between a variety of colors.You can grab the Damada case from Verus Official Website at $34.99.

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Mohcine Ariani

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