Hi folks, we decided to share with you the top 3 best iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus accessories. So without retarding, let's jump to the top 1 must have accessory for your iPhone 6 or 6 plus.

Who likes seeing his brand new iPhone getting scratch on the screen or in the worst case scenario; a broken one. will you must consider buying a screen protector from Zagg shield. They offer the best invisible shield glass for all iPhones. The Zagg shield glass preserve the best clarity and touch feed back you ever expect.

# Top 1 : The Zagg shield glass 

Next is Phonesuit Flex XT, a portable battery charger with a very stylish look.It is a useful accessory for your iPhone specially if you are in a rush and would like to charge your battery on the go.The Phonesuit Flex XT has a high performance of 2600 mAh Cell.

# Top 2 : Phonesuit Flex XT

Moving on to our next favorite accessory, meet the Aluminum Cell Phone Holder. A very cheap and simple iPhone support, useful in case of reading a book, enjoying a video or the best part of it as a charging stand as the accessory has a slot in the back and an opening in the front.

# Top 3: Aluminum Cell Phone Holder
That was our 3 best  iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus accessories.Please let us know your favorite ones in the comment section bellow.

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