You will no longer loose your keys,your wallet or even your dog! With the help of this iPhone compatible tracking device, all of the worries will be left behind.

iPhone Compatible Tracking Device
The tracker device is so tiny, and has a lot of features that I will try to demonstrate. TINTAG utility has no limits! It depends on your needs. You can stick it on a your dog's necklace , or on your girlfriend handbag for further tracking ( :=D ).Using TINTAG and a dedicated iOS app, you will be able to manage a list of your tracked items, or setup an alarm whenever a specific item is rolling away at a certain distant.

TINTAG developers thought about swiping roles, allowing that tiny tracker to make you localized your smartphone.Wondering how? Enjoy watching the official presentation video and consider purchasing the device to help this start up project.

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Mohcine Ariani

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