We have added a new section labeled as Top Cydia Tweaks, where you can locate the latest and the most enjoyable tweaks available. 

Cydia is the best repository, if not the only place where you can download tweaks, themes to enhance the iOS experience.Please note that our chosen tweaks are presented randomly here.

Number one on the Top 5 cydia tweaks is AppHeads, if you remember the Facebook chat rounded heads before the drop of Facebook messenger, it will certainly rings a bell.Well, this tweak uses the exact same nice circled heads but this time for your opened apps.

AppHeads tweak allow you to reach your apps right from the springboard.You can move them around, multi-task etc.

AppHeads tweak on iPhone 6

Next on our list is Coloryourboard8, basically a tweak that allow you to colorize your keyboard in only few simple clicks.Just launch the tweak, choose a color, hit apply and you are ready to go.

Coloryourboard8 running on ios 8
The third on the list is Eclipse 2, the tweak enables a night mode feature in all your iPhone; settings, phone call, messages etc. A very extensive tweak, eye relief , and very useful in late night reading or surfing on your device.

Eclipse 2 tweak for iPhone
Next is Facebook + + , if you use the Facebook app on your device frequently, and looking for hacks to bypass the app restrictions. Enable chat right in the Facebook app without installing Facebook messenger for instance, or perhaps looking for a way to disable the read receipt feature, download videos and a lot more hacks, then this tweak is for you. 

Facebook ++  
Last but not least on our Top five cydia tweaks list is Cydelete8. Well, you will definitely get this tweak every time you jailbreak your device as it allows you to delete cydia tweaks without actually launching cydia! yes, you can delete tweaks right from your iPhone springboard and save your an enormous time.

All the above tweaks are iOS 8 compatible, If you appreciate our list, please help us by like and share. 

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