Apple has revealed the new MacBook with Retina Display.

The new MacBook is considered as the world most thinnest MacBook up to date and the only Personal Computer offering a 24 hours battery life. 

The new MacBook is 24% thinner than the previous generation, and only 2 pounds in weight.Along the remarkable new design, Apple has introduced a whole new keyboard based on a new Butterfly mechanism and a lightening keys in dark mode. 

Apple has took advantage of their redesigned MacBook to introduce a longer battery life experience , by relying on a new terraced, contoured battery cells.

Regarding the prices, The New MacBook start at $1,299, and shipping will start next April. The Basic model comes with a 256GB internal storage, an Intel Core M processor at 1.1GHz.The upgraded model comes with 512GB and the same Intel Core M processor at 1.2GHz but sold at $1,599.

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