Without doubts, the iPhone built-in camera was improved dramatically through different iPhone generations. Whether you are a professional photographer or a photos admirer you would like to discover accessories that are rated as the best iPhone camera lenses available on the market.

The Best iPhone Camera Lenses @ Credits to Photojojo
Without delay, we have stumbled upon Photojojo Phone Lens Series.They are considered as one of the best camera lenses for "experimental purposes". The good thing about Photojojo is they offer a variety of lenses; wide & macro, fish-eye.Available at Photojojo store for $ 20 per unit. They are super small and you can pick them with you to wherever you go.The drawback is they are magnetic and may not be made by the best glass.

Photojojo Phone Lens shoots 

Another great photo lens is made by the same company Photojojo ; the iPhone 8x telephoto lens. It comes with a special cover that use the screw mount mechanism, a bracket and a tripod.

iPhone 8x telephoto lens
We save the best for the last, a dual Fish-eye & Macro lens called Olloclip. It is from a Kickstarter project. Made of plastic, so you don't have to worry about scratches or anything like that. The glass on the Olloclip is much nicer than on any other similar accessories. Available at $ 69,99.

Please note that the above camera lenses are made for experimental purposes, and there are other accessories qualified as the best iPhone camera lenses from Sony but they are quite expensive.If you have other alternatives, please let us know using the comment section below.   

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