Apple has recently released their latest version of iOS to fix some software related problems, and also to support the new Apple watch.What is in question here are owners of iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 ; should they really update to iOS 8.2 without any side effects ? Well according to the comparative videos from YouTube showing both iPhone 4s running iOS 8.1.2 and iOS 8.2, the latest iOS version has been slightly improved and offer a better user experience.

We have to admit that its really hard for Apple's developers to balance the equation of releasing an optimized iOS version for new devices as well as the old generation iPhones. Their work is really remarkable.

As you can see from both videos, iOS 8.2 is well improved and can be run on iPhone 4S as well as the iPhone 5 perfectly.Still one more thing to mention here,is that iOS 8.2 is not jailbroken yet as Apple has patched the vulnerabilities.So avoid the update if you care about the jailbreak.

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Mohcine Ariani

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