I have to admit it, I was completely blown away when I gave Multify tweak a try! It was like re-experiencing iOS and thus my iPad capability.

I have always wanted to have a "real screen multitasking" on iOS, what I mean by REAL, is not re-imagined way of basic multitasking, nor a window manager with different layers and interfaces. But the only time I have ever stumbled upon a great one was when I discovered OS Experience tweak. 

Did you get the exact same curiosity on how does OS experience tweak is going to look like on your own device?Well, I bet you are not alone. Since the tweak is a bit expensive 9.99 dollars and only available for iOS 7, it was not worth a try.

OS experience was obviously an inspire for the new submitted tweak Multify. I just never thought it will run smoothly, and yet greatly on my iPad.

Multitasking using Multify tweak

What's interesting about Multify is, the capability of scrolling on that tiny Facebook window.As you can see on my screenshot, I was able to play a movie on MovieBox, swapping pages on iBook, Safari and Facebook with eaaaase! And surprisingly I could dimiss or switch between apps rapidly with an activated gesture using Activator.

I let you see the demonstration, and let us know if you really would like Apple to implant Multify multitasking idea on upcoming iOS versions. 

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Mohcine Ariani

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