Looks like the next big step for Apple - in terms of securing their devices and limit iPhones robbery - is to make idevices able to be localized even in switch off mode!


Apple has recently reinforce their software security by introducing the Touch ID, double check authentication for iCloud, FMI all for one main goal; is to reduce iPhone theft.

But regardless of all these security procedures, once the iPhone is switch off, there is no way to localize, delete remotely the content of the device... and thus, giving the thief time to figure out a way to disable the previous owner FMI.

Apple is certainly aware of these sort of vulnerabilities, that's why it has filed a patent to grant users the ability to localize their iPhone in switch off mode.Apple may also lean on the Touch ID to prevent shutting down iPhone through a validate step using the digital fingerprint. And re-activate the Find My iPhone feature in case of an adverse response.

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Mohcine Ariani

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