To prevent the brute-force hack on iPhone, Apple has made a sort of restriction; 10 failed attempts of pass-codes will end up disabling the iPhone in question.

Thanks to Majd Alfhaily - a young developer - he was able to break this iOS security mechanism and execute up to 9999 attempts without getting the "iPhone disabled" alert! 

iPhone Disabled alert

Majd explains in his official blog how he managed to bruteforce the iPhone passe code by implementing some extra codes, allowing him to bypass Apple's security.He declared that using his method, only 14 hours is enough to attempt all the possible pin codes.Majd's exploit can only be executed on a jailbroken device, as jailbreak grants the unsigned code execution privilege.

TransLock screenshot

His tool is called TransLock, available at Github. He is also working on a mac version, that runs the whole process automatically, so expect a release soon.

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