Streaming Services Apps are widely spreading on the app store, but when it comes to performances, sound quality and utility,only a minority that stands out of the crowd. Today we going to share with you the top three applications that allow you to easily and sometimes totally free to stream music using your iOS device.

Google Play Music offers a friendly interface with gestures, along with ability to display images on TV screen, support for external subtitles and the support of a large amounts of video and audio codecs.

Spotify app let you access millions of songs from old favorites to the latest hits.It has a great design, and offer one of the best audio quality.The app allows you to create playlists according to your tastes and much more.With Spotify premium account you can download unlimited, ad-free music & listen offline.

Spotify streaming service is only available in few countries, but thanks to VPN services you can bypass this restriction and take advantage of the service from all over the world. See our tutorial on how to get Spotify


Quite the nice and interesting streaming service. It lets you choose your favorite style, and the screen will appear a bunch of similar bands images and artists.The service support both Like & Dislike features.

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