With a three simple steps you are going to be able to enjoy Spotify premium account our new year gift for you. We have already covered the Top 3 Music Streaming Services Apps available on iOS. One of the best streaming services that widely spread around the globe is Spotify. A super fluid design, the best sound quality ever on a streaming radio... 

The Spotify Premium Account is normally paid, but thanks to a vulnerability discovered lately, you will be able to upgrade any Spotify account to a premium one. 

The premium account is ads-Free, so basically no interceptions all for good music, unlimited skips unlike the free version. Another great feature is the offline mode whee you can enjoy all the selected tracks without the need of Internet. Isn't that cool ! 

1. Login into Spotify.

click upgrade:

2. Change country.

Click on "Want to use another payment option?" Go to "Change country" And select (USA).

3. Click on "Credit card".

Fill in the expiry date, security code and zip code in this formats

11 | 17 | 041 | 50001 

Fill in the credit card numbers as the following :


Replace the x with random numbers and hit START PREMIUM till you see the following image.

Credits goes to https://twitter.com/tahmrs for discovering and sharing this vulnerability.

Updates ! Apparently, Spotify has been able to fix this vulnerability so it may not be working anymore.

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