A new promising tool was released today under the name of iCL0udin or iCloudin, claims to bypass the iCloud activation lock.The tool was developed by a Yemeni group of developers.The team is offering their bypass for free as a new year gift.

Thousand if not millions of iPhone and iPad owners are stuck at the iCloud lock, either they are victims of buying a second hand device or lucky to find a lost one...

After eight months of hope and wait for a second release of Doulci tool, the team appears to leave the game of iCloud bypass and disappoint their supporters as well. 

Thanks to iCL0udin tool v1.0 that was released today, users are finally going to bypass the icloud activation lock and re-use their devices.

Please make sure you the latest net framework, have iTunes running and then run the iCloudin tool as administrator.

The tool has a very simple interface, just plug in your device and then hit UNLOCK.

Unfortunately, due to the huge amount of bypassers, the server is down and only a few lucky persons whom made it.

The developer announced via his twitter account https://twitter.com/magd_ttmtt he is working on a solution to overcome the overload issue.

 Download iCL0udin tool v1.0

Updates!! We are sorry to tell you that this project was abandoned by the developer itself for unknown reason.Meanwhile, if you are still looking for a legit iCloud removal service; find out more Here.

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